AT FIRST SIGHT ART GALLERY              Sherry Arthur


Most of my work can be purchased online and shipped directly to you, if you are local , arrangements can be made for you to get the artwork and not have to deal with shipping.

I do custom orders as well but I do not do things that are copyright work of another artist.

For custom work contact me via email and we can discuss your ideas and I can give you pricing ideas.

Custom orders require half down to start project and are non returnable.

I have done large projects for business’, so I have experience in that area if you are a business looking for custom murals or artwork projects.

Email Address:

Phone: 440-541-6967

My studio is located in my home and is only available by personal appointment.

Thanks for your interest

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All artworks are copyrighted by sherry arthur and all images of the artwork are the sole property of sherry arthur. You have no permission to use the artwork or the images unless you have the written consent of sherry arthur.